The power of the Swiss stone pine

The Swiss stone pine (“Queen of the Alps”) grows in the high Alpine mountains. Its positive properties for human well-being have been known for many centuries. Due to the high content of wood ingredients, Swiss stone pine wood has a pleasant smell that lasts for a long time. Swiss stone pine wood contains pinosylvin, a substance said to have a toxic effect on harmful organisms (fungi, bacteria).

Understanding nature

Plants and trees filter most of the pollutants out of the air through photosynthesis and convert them into oxygen. The air that surrounds us is also constantly moving. The constant circulation creates turbulence, which plays a central role in the air purification process. Numerous small eddies clean the air and allow it to regenerate itself. We can observe a similar process in moving bodies of water. Constant spiral movements create friction and improve the water quality.

Natural indoor air

We asked ourselves how we can use this natural process to breathe fresh, clean air in our living spaces. In closed rooms - especially in the cold season, when windows are mostly closed - it is particularly difficult to create a pleasant, healthy indoor climate.

Stone pine benefits

For the technical implementation, we chose the valuable wood of the Swiss stone pine. The pine tree, which is native to the high alpine region, has been known for centuries for its health-promoting and beneficial effects. The wood is resinous, very soft and fragrant. In the past, wedding boxes, lunch boxes and all kinds of everyday objects were made from Swiss stone pine. Due to its supposedly communication-stimulating effect, entire rooms in farmhouses were also paneled with Swiss stone pine. However, the Swiss stone pine, also known as the Swiss pine (lat. pinus cembra), is much more than a status symbol. Its smell is unmistakable and has a beneficial effect on people. Scientific studies confirm that the scent of Swiss stone pine and its ingredients have a positive effect on sleep quality, promote resilience and lower the pulse. This is confirmed by individual measurements and a study at the Institute for Noninvasive Diagnostics in Weiz.

Breathing is life

The ZirbenLüfter® is based on a simple but often overlooked philosophy: breathing is a value in life. It combines the positive properties of the Swiss stone pine with the self-regulating principle of air purification. This guarantees a pleasant and soothing atmosphere in your own four walls. Its construction is unique in many ways. For example, its visual design applies an old principle of harmony from early church building.