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Experience the power of nature

When designing the new ZirbenLüfter® CUBE II and CUBE mini II, we took nature as our model. The natural principle of air purification combined with the pleasant scent of the stone pine creates a noticeable improvement in the air quality in your home. The ZirbenLüfter® also regulates the humidity in the room.

  • Handcrafted slats made of Swiss stone pine

    The heart of the new ZirbenLüfter® CUBE II and CUBE mini II are the specially developed slats made of Austrian stone pine. The room air is regenerated and enriched with the positive scents of the stone pine.

  • Highly efficient fan with RGB light

    The fan with plain bearings, specially developed for ZirbenLüfter®, is almost silent and the speed can be regulated in several stages. All functions can be controlled using a high-quality remote control.

  • High-quality porcelain evaporator container

    The new evaporator container was created together with an Austrian porcelain manufacturer. It is made of white porcelain and is glazed and dishwasher safe.

  • Why a good indoor climate is so important for us.

    We spend around 90% of our lives indoors. Good indoor air is an essential factor for our well-being, our health and therefore for a high quality of life. It is therefore particularly important that you ensure that you have good, natural air to breathe in your own four walls.

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100% natural

Stone pine oil from Austria

Our 100% pure Swiss stone pine oil, obtained by steam distillation from cones, needles and heartwood, is a versatile natural remedy with calming and cleansing properties. Swiss stone pine has been valued for its valuable extracts for centuries.

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  • Alpine Breeze

    • Room & Laundry Spray
    • 100% pure Swiss stone pine oil
    • natural ingredients
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  • ARVE Warm

    • Spicy | Woody | Amber
    • Made in Austria
    • Unisex and vegan
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  • ARVE Petillant

    • Woody | Citrus | Fresh
    • Made in Austria
    • Vegan and unisex
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Handmade in Austria


In Austria, all stone pine forests are managed sustainably, which means that only as much wood is removed as can grow back in the same period of time. Compliance with the current Austrian forestry law is strictly monitored, and every use of wood must be recorded and approved.

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Queen of the Alps

The power of the Swiss stone pine

The Swiss stone pine grows in the high alpine mountains. Its positive properties for human well-being have been known for many centuries. The stone pine wood contains pinosylvin, a substance said to have a toxic effect on harmful organisms (fungi, bacteria).

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