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On our FAQ page you will find comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions about the ZirbenLüfter®. Discover valuable information about how our product works, how to care for it and the many advantages it offers to create the best possible indoor climate.

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What are the main advantages of the ZirbenLüfter®?

The ZirbenLüfter® CUBE II offers numerous advantages through its innovative combination of natural air purification and modern technology:

  1. Improved air quality : The combination of pine wood and a water-filled evaporator tank helps to clean the air naturally. The air circulation effectively minimizes dust and allergens.
  2. Soothing scent : Stone pine exudes a natural scent that is known for its soothing effects.
  3. Sustainability : Made from ecologically sourced pine wood, the ZirbenLüfter® promotes sustainable and local production processes.
  4. Durability and easy maintenance : Thanks to replaceable components and available spare parts, the ZirbenLüfter® is particularly easy to maintain.
  5. Easy to clean : The design of the fan simplifies cleaning and supports consistently good air quality.

How does the ZirbenLüfter® fan technology work?

The ZirbenLüfter® fan technology combines advanced air circulation mechanisms with a water evaporation tank. Air is sucked in and passed through this tank, where it comes into contact with water. This process naturally humidifies the air and at the same time helps to purify the air. By swirling the air, air pollutants such as formaldehyde and unpleasant odors (e.g. smoke, sweat and musty) as well as bacteria, fungal spores, fine dust and pollen are effectively reduced. This technology improves air quality and creates a more pleasant indoor climate, which is proven by sponsored studies.

How often does the evaporator tank need to be refilled?

The frequency of refilling the evaporator tank in the ZirbenLüfter® depends on the selected fan speed and the current room humidity. The water in the tank can last up to three days, depending on the settings and ambient conditions. To ensure optimal humidity and effective performance of the device, we recommend refilling fresh water every two days. Even if the evaporator tank is empty, this will not damage the ZirbenLüfter®. However, to ensure the device is as effective as possible, it is advisable to top up the water regularly in order to always achieve the best possible performance.

What care does the ZirbenLüfter® CUBE II require?

  • Stone pine slats: Depending on the level of air pollution, clean the stone pine slats every 14 to 30 days under running lukewarm water. Replace the slats while they are still wet.
  • Evaporator container: If dirt is visible, the container can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. It is also recommended to descale it occasionally to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Fan/Fan Blades: The fan and fan blades should be dusted regularly. Occasionally use a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.
  • Body: To care for the pinewood body of your ZirbenLüfter®, we recommend using a slightly damp cloth to clean the surfaces. Please refrain from using cleaning agents in order to preserve the natural quality of the wood.
  • Cleaning videos: Here you will find videos for the correct care of the ZirbenLüfter® CUBE II and ZirbenLüfter® CUBE mini II

Do I have to use pine oil for optimal effect?

The pine wood fragrances contained in your ZirbenLüfter® are sufficient for a long-lasting improvement in the room climate. For additional feel-good effects, especially for colds, respiratory problems, stress or allergies, you can also use a few drops of pure pine oil or other essential oils such as lavender oil. When using essential oils near small children and babies, we recommend caution and only use them occasionally.

Where can I find the right spare parts for the ZirbenLüfter®?

You can order all ZirbenLüfter® parts in our online shop:

  • Swiss stone pine slats
  • Evaporator tank
  • power adapter
  • Remote control
  • Fan replacement

How much electricity does the ZirbenLüfter® use or cost?

  • The ZirbenLüfter® is characterized by very low power consumption and is designed for continuous operation around the clock. With an energy consumption of only 2 to 7.5 watts per hour, it is comparable to small household appliances such as LED night lights or energy-efficient routers, which also run continuously without consuming much power.

  • The operating costs of the ZirbenLüfter® are extremely low: With an electricity price of €0.35 per kWh and a continuous operating power of 2 watts, the costs amount to around €0.50 per month. With a maximum power of 7.5 watts, they are around €1.89 per month. These low costs make the ZirbenLüfter® an economically advantageous choice for the permanent improvement of indoor air quality.

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Is the ZirbenLüfter® CUBE II also suitable for allergy sufferers?

Yes, the ZirbenLüfter® CUBE II is suitable for allergy sufferers as it helps to reduce air pollutants, pollen and other allergens. However, please note that there are no specific studies on its effectiveness for allergy sufferers.

Can the ZirbenLüfter® CUBE II be used in a household with pets?

Yes, the ZirbenLüfter® CUBE II can be used safely in a household with pets. However, it is important that the device is placed out of the reach of animals to ensure that they do not damage the ZirbenLüfter® or injure themselves.

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What warranty conditions apply to the ZirbenLüfter® air purifiers?

We offer you a 30-day right of return for the ZirbenLüfter® if the product does not meet your expectations. Please contact us to arrange the return. In addition, we offer a five-year guarantee on the fan technology. If the fan is defective, we will replace it free of charge - you only pay the shipping costs. Please note that the remote control, power supply, body and pine slats are excluded from the guarantee.

How can I dispose of the ZirbenLüfter® in an environmentally friendly way?

We are convinced of the longevity of our ZirbenLüfter® CUBE II, not least thanks to its sustainable construction and the availability of spare parts, which means that disposal is usually not necessary. If you still decide to dispose of it, we ask you to send the device back to us. We will then take care of environmentally friendly disposal at no cost to you.